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Not much here yet on the main page – IÕm still working on some rough drafts.  In the meantime, below is a link to this seasonÕs Waveland Chronicles blog as well as some of my previous season-blogging efforts. [Feedback]


Ballhawk Blogs:


The 2008 Waveland Chronicles

A running commentary of the 2008 season from a ballhawkÕs perspective outside AND inside Wrigley Field.

Blog Archives:


The 2007 Waveland Chronicles

Semi-running log of the activity outside the park in the 2007 season, with a few in-park tidbits thrown in for good measure.

The 2007 Grapefruit Chronicles

Just a little something to keep track of my Spring Training ballhawk adventures as I get ready for another season at Wrigley Field.

The 2006 Waveland Chronicles

Not much of a season blog here - a couple of entries in April, one in June and thatÕs it.  Once I get the rest of the site in better shape, I will try to come back here and flesh out the season a bit using my notes.  It wonÕt be at the daily level, mind you, but it should be a little better than just three measly entries.

The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Semi-running log of the 2005 season activity outside the park from the corner of Waveland & Kenmore.  Seems the pace of my entries faded as the Cubs' pennant chances dwindled...

The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Relive the 2004 season with absolutely no inflammatory comments from Steve Stone or Kent Mercker...

The 2003 Waveland Chronicles

Relive the 2003 season from its humble beginnings to the almost miraculous end.