The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

"The walk is mightier than the swing..."

That's one way to describe the Cubs 1-0 loss to the Giants tonight. Barry Bonds went 0 for 2, but still found a way to beat the Cubs by taking a walk in the 4th, advancing to second on a groundout, and coming home on a Pedro Feliz single.

Meanwhile on a night when Randy Johnson throws a perfect game, all Jason Schmidt did was hold the Cubs to one hit while striking out 13. And poor Matt Clement - 8 innings, only 5 hits and a couple walks, 6 K's and only giving up the one run. Talk about your tough luck.

As for us ballhawks, our hero of the game had to be Marquis Grissom. He managed to make the last out of an inning three times, which meant Barry Bonds led off three times. And the odds of an intentional walk to start an inning are pretty low, especially in a close game. So we got to feel a little bit of excitement and anticipation a few times during the night, though nothing came of it. Maybe tomorrow...

And as for the other regulars on the corner, their hero of the game had to be Jason Schmidt for throwing a one-hitter. Now, I don't want to name names (LukeJohnnySteve...) but my guess is Jason Schmidt will be remembered and honored many times this summer for this particular achievement. And if you're not quite sure where I'm going with this, why, just stop by Waveland and Kenmore sometime and I'll be glad to explain in further detail. Or with any luck, you'll be able to hear the story from one of the masters themselves.

Tuesday, May 18: BP-5 [W-0, S-5], Roof-0, Home Run-0
Season Totals: BP-252, [W-164, S-88], Roof-9, [A-8, C-1], Home Run-16 [W-14, S-2]

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