The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Who needs Barry and Sammy? Today was the Pedro and Moises show on Waveland Ave. First up was Pedro Feliz of the Giants. Jumped all over a Greg Maddux fastball in the 5th and smashed a line drive that got out of the park in a hurry. Good thing it was right at me as I didn't have much time to react - two steps in and two steps to the left. Raised the glove and made a one-handed snag. Wasn't trying to show off - it's just that I had a diet Coke in the other hand and didn't want to spill it. (That's my second career diet Coke homer, btw. First was Vlad Guerrero in '98.)

Next up was Moises Alou. He blasted one in the 7th that cleared Waveland, went through the trees and landed near the front porch of the Budweiser house before bouncing into the next yard. Dave - being younger and faster (not to mention lighter) than me - hopped the fence and was the first one on the scene to claim Alou's 250th career homer. Figure Moises is good for another 20 or so this year, and assuming the Cubs pick up his option, we could easily be on a Countdown to 300 watch for Alou next year.

Thurday, May 20: BP-24 [W-11, S-13], Roof-1 [A-1, C-0], Home Run-2 [W-2, S-0]
Season Totals: BP-286, [W-183, S-103], Roof-11, [A-10, C-1], Home Run-18 [W-16, S-2]

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