The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Sunday, May 16, 2004

With the Cubs still on the road, I made my first visit to Miller Park over the weekend to catch a Brewers-Braves game. Suffice to say, I was less than impressed with the "House that Bud built" (on the backs of Milwaukee taxpayers), although I suppose if it had been raining outside I probably would have felt different. I dunno, it just didn't feel like a ballpark - it was more like a convention center. All the noise just sorta bounced around and echoed all over the place. Maybe it's different when the roof is open - I hope so. Anyway, batting practice (and the game) was boring, so I did the tourist thing and stopped in the gift shop. Almost bought an Italian Sausage bobblehead (brat-tlehead?), but controlled myself. Settled for a piece of history - a brick from old County Stadium. It'll go on display next to a brick I have from old Comiskey Park.

Speaking of the White Sox... as Moe and I were standing next to the outdoor eating area in left field waiting for home-runs that never came, we started talking with guy who turned out to be from Chicago as well - in fact within a Sosa blast or two of Wrigley Field. We shared stories about life outside of Wrigley, and at one point our new friend mentioned the all-too frequent problem with drunk Cubs fans 'relieving' themselves on the corner of his garage after games. He was thinking about painting the Cubs logo there, his logic being no Cubs fan, drunk or otherwise, would piss on the Cubs logo.

Made sense to me, but I suggested he go one better. Paint the Sox logo on the corner of his neighbor's garage. Like bees to honey, they won't be able to resist it - that logo will call out to them like the Sirens of Titan. He kinda liked that idea.

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