The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Absolutely gorgeous weather, a Derrek Lee homer on the street, and a Cubs 5-3 victory made for a fine day here in Chicago for those celebrating Father's Day at Wrigley Field, but the real Father's Day story was unfolding down in St. Louis where Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 500th career homer as his dad was in attendance.

Of course, I know of four ballhawks who're wondering why Junior couldn't have hit it one day earlier when they were in attendance. Moe, Butch, Dave and "Dick the Bruiser" took a road-trip yesterday down to Busch Stadium for last night's game in the hopes of catching fame and glory but no such luck. Haven't heard all the details yet, but there was something about trying to go to a riverboat after the game. Hmm... wonder if they stopped in East St. Louis on the way home... :-)

Everyone showed up today though, a little tired perhaps, but in good enough form to snag most of the balls that came out in BP. And were it not for the buses lined up in the 8th inning, Derrek Lee's street blast would have been an easy catch. Instead, it hit the side of the bus on the fly and rattled around between the curb and the wall before a passer-by bent down to pick it up.

Let's see... Cubs took two out of three from one of the American League's better teams. Hopefully that's a good omen for this coming October. In the meantime, it's the Cubs' turn to take that road trip to St. Louis to do battle with the Cardinals next week. Hopefully they too won't be tempted by riverboats and other (ahem) 'clubs' while they're there...

Sunday, June 20: BP-17 [W-11,S-6], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-1,S-0]
Season: BP-396 [W-260,S-136], Roof-14 [A-12,C-2], Foul-3 [W-1,S-2], HR-33 [W-29,S-4]

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