The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

In what could only be described as a United Nations moment, it was Beltran-Beltran-Golly! time in the 7th inning tonight. Carlos Beltran (Astros) going up against Francis Beltran (Cubs). Suffice to say Carlos lived up to his last name as he belted one out of the park, across Sheffield and into the trees.

Setting the scene... I'm standing there on Sheffield, hoping to catch Beltran's first National League home run, when a small group of slightly overserved guys cruise by. One guy comes up to me, drink in hand, and says "Hey, man, any balls come out yet?". Of course the answer was no, but ten seconds later, craaaaaack, and there's this white meteor streaking across the night sky.

No chance to catch it on the fly as it goes through the trees, deflects off the wrought-iron fence, and - I kid you not - bounces right to Mr. Drink-in-Hand, who grabs it and starts to do the dance that only Jack Daniels could have choreographed. After a few more Elaine Benes-like kicks, he wheels around and heaves the ball back, much to the delight of the crowd and his buddies.

And most important of all? He never the lost the grip on his drink...

Tuesday, June 29: BP-10 [W-10,S-0], Roof-1 [A-1,C-0], Foul-0, HR-1 [W-0,S-1]
Season: BP-406 [W-270,S-136], Roof-15 [A-13,C-2], Foul-3 [W-1,S-2], HR-34 [W-29,S-5]

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