The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

We had our first musical celebrity-sighting of the year tonight. Well, actually it was more of a musical celebrity look-alike sighting. And to tell you the truth, it really wasn't all that musical either. But right before game-time, a rather large, scruffy-looking bearded fellow with guitar in hand, came walking down Waveland pushing one of those office-type chairs piled high with a bag, a box, and a stuffed Ernie doll. Or maybe it was Bert - I always got those two mixed up.

Anyway, I thought this guy looked liked David Crosby, but somebody else said Jerry Garcia. So that got us into a discussion about aging (if not dead) white male bearded rockers with not-so-buff physiques - needless to say, we weren't lacking in candidates to discuss. Meanwhile our mystery guest was setting up shop right below the left-center field bleachers - yes, right where Mr. Saxophone usually plays, who, by the way, we haven't seen yet this year. Wonder what happened to him...

So our big guy starts wailing away on his guitar and proceeds to fill the air with some of the nastiest mangled chords I've heard in a long time. Couldn't tell if it was a lack of talent or just a poor amp, but it was pretty bad. It was only the first inning and already I was looking around hoping the charter buses would show up soon and drown him out with a little diesel engine idling. Of course, my opinions were not shared by others as Dave thought it sounded pretty good. "Dick the Bruiser" was almost ecstatic - he said anything that pissed off and annoyed yuppie Cub fans in the bleachers was just fine in his book.

By the fourth inning or so, he had moved on to some tunes with less riffs and more mellow so it almost became tolerable, but still... electric rock ballads blasted through a cheap amp is not what one would typically expect to see/hear as part of the traditional baseball experience/ambiance at Wrigley Field. Next time, I'll just do what Moe did - put the earphones in and turn up the radio. Even Ron Santo's jokes at full volume can't be that bad...

Oh, the game? Cubs offense woke up and delivered a pounding on the Cards in a 7-3 victory. However Scott Rolen was the only one to hit a home run - two actually. One that stayed in, and one out to the street, over Guitar Geezer, and into "Dick the Bruiser's" glove.

Tuesday, June 8: BP-18 [W-8,S-10], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-1,S-0]
Season: BP-375 [W-245,S-130], Roof-12 [A-10,C-2], Foul-3 [W-1,S-2], HR-29 [W-27,S-2]

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