The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Friday, June 18, 2004

Well, it's been 75 years since the A's played in Wrigley Field - Game 2 of the 1929 World Series. Of course it was the Philadelphia A's back then but unfortunately the outcome was the same then as it was today - a Cubs loss.

But on the bright side, there was batting practice today. Only the A's hit though - Cubs must have still been tired from their 4 game sweep of the Astros in Houston. And the first ball hit out of Wrigley Field by the A's today was caught by Moe. Which is only fitting, seeing as how he caught the last ball hit out of Wrigley by the A's 75 years ago - a homer by Jimmie Foxx.

Just kidding, Moe. Just kidding...

Only one out of the park today during the game - a 3rd inning home run by Mark Kotsay of the A's. Since Kotsay is left-handed, naturally, it was hit out onto Sheffield, and just as naturally, all of us were too lazy to run over to right to play him, so chalk one up to yet another passer-by. That makes four homers to Sheffield this year, and as Dave pointed out today, all of them picked up by passer-bys (or is it passers-by?).

Clearly us veterans are not doing our job here so I think what we need is a ballhawk rookie, intern, trainee, apprentice, etc. to man the post on Sheffield on game days.
Requirements: Glove, patience, comfortable shoes, some math skills.
Responsibilities: Keep an accurate count of batting practice and game homers hit out of the park - and catch them if you can.
Perks: Fresh air, exercise, plenty of ummm... "scenery", yeah, that's it, "scenery" walking around to keep you occupied between innings, and lots of stories and anecdotes as only can be told by Butch.

Applications taken on gamedays by the fire hydrant on Waveland & Kenmore. Equal opportunity employer (except for Yankee fans).

Friday, June 18: BP-4 [W-4,S-0], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-0,S-1]
Season: BP-379 [W-249,S-130], Roof-12 [A-10,C-2], Foul-3 [W-1,S-2], HR-32 [W-28,S-4]

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