The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Friday, July 30, 2004

It was quite the Homerpalooza today at Wrigley Field - no concrete pieces falling, just home run balls onto Waveland Ave. Three on the street - eight total for the game. Pat Burrell started the street barrage in the second inning, with a blast to deep left-center. I was still working at home so could only watch it on TV as it cleared the fence. Didn't see a bounce which usually means someone caught it on the fly. Found out later George ran up for it and had the best chance for it on the fly, but ball deflected off his glove and ended up in the hands of a passer-by.

Aramis Ramirez was next to visit the street, in the sixth inning for his second homer of the day. By now I was at the ballpark but didn't have a chance at this one - it was a screaming line drive, right down the left-field line. Bounced in the middle of the street and went right into the vendor stand in front of one of the rooftop buildings. I think that's at least the second one that's ended up there this season.

One inning later, Rameriz connected again for his third homer of the day, this time launching a high blast in my general direction. Did a little two-step shuffle around some pedestrians and was able to snag it just before it would've drilled a passing cyclist. The Ballhawk "how far did it fly" estimate put it at about 405 feet.

With the Cubs safely (ha!) ahead 10-7, their last at-bats came in the 8th inning with Derrek Lee making the last out. And who was on-deck? None other than Mr. Ramirez, waiting for a chance to be the first Cub to hit four homers in a game. Ah well, maybe next time...

Friday, July 30: BP-12 [W-10,S-2], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-3 [W-3,S-0]

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