The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Those three words every pitcher at Wrigley loves to hear...  "Wind's blowing in."
Greg Maddux pitched a masterpiece today at Wrigley as the Cubs beat the Brewers, 5-0.  Complete game shutout, only gave up 6 hits and 0 walks.  Career victory #297, beating the National League ERA leader and All-Star Ben Sheets along the way.  Actually Sheets pitched a good game as well - it was the Brewer bullpen that blew it.
Obviously, wind blowing in and a well-pitched game means very little action on the street.  So I spent most of the game watching it from a friend's apartment in one of those rooftop buildings.  Nice view of most of the field from a deep left field perspective.  And late in the game, I actually got to practice my broadcasting home run call,  for when WGN taps me to replace Chip Caray. 
"Bottom of the eigth, two outs, Alou on second.  Patterson waits on the pitch..."
"Oh my...   that's got a chance...  There she goes!  Gone!  A 2-run homer by Corey Patterson out onto Sheffield."
Needless to say, none of the ballhawks were over there, so once again, the formidable passer-by hauls in yet another home-run souvenir.  Second-hand reports had that ball bouncing over by Jerry's peanut stand in the Red-Top parking lot.  Stop by next time you go to a game and ask Jerry if he got the ball.  And buy a bag of peanuts while you're at it.  A big bag.
Saturday, July 17: BP-8 [W-3,S-5], Roof-2 [A-2,C-0], Foul-0, HR-1 [W-0,S-1]

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