The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Sunday, August 01, 2004

8:30 this morning and the line for Day-of-Game tickets goes from the ticket windows by the home plate entrance, all the way down Addison, snakes around the Harry Caray statue, goes North on Sheffield, all the way up to about right-center field behind the bleachers. Amazing... the line wasn't this long when regular season tickets first went on sale, back in Februrary. Simply amazing... All this, just because we traded for some skinny little shortstop from Boston.

Well, maybe a skinny little pitcher going for his 300th victory had something to do with it as well. ;-)

Wind was hauling out today at about 20 mph - not the best of conditions for a control pitcher like Maddux, and sure enough, he gave up two first inning homers (both stayed inside the park). But the Cubs answered with back-to-back jacks in the bottom of the second. First it was Sosa launching a towering blast that just cleared the high fence and landed in a sea of humanity out on Waveland. Went off of somebody's glove and rattled around knees and feet. After all the bodies had been untangled and order restored, there was Dave sprawled out on the street, clutching the latest addition to his collection. Only cost him a few patches of skin and probably a drop or two of blood. Small price to pay for baseball fame and glory...

Surprisingly enough, that was the only ball that made it to the streets the rest of the day. Ramirez followed Sosa with a blast of his own, but that barely made the family section basket. After that - nothing but blazing sun, Southwest winds, and lots of overgrown kids with potty mouths and too much flesh showing, running up and down Waveland.

Cubs did come back and win the game - Nomar had an RBI hit in the seventh and was definitely feeling the love from the crowd. Hopefully, it's a two month long honeymoon and he likes what he sees enough to sign a long-term contract to play here. And maybe Mrs. Nomar (Mia Hamm) will bring some of her World Cup soccer teammates to the games. And after a Cubs victory, they all take their shirts off a la Brandi Chastain. Now that's the kind of flesh I'd like to see running up and down Waveland...

Sunday, August 1: BP-26 [W-24,S-2], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-1,S-0]

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