The 2004 Waveland Chronicles

Monday, September 27, 2004

To paraphrase Samuel Taylor Coleridge from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner...

"Homers, homers, everywhere,
And all the fans rose from their seats;
Homers, homers, everywhere,
Nor any on the streets."

Well, at least none on Waveland. Derrek Lee, Todd Walker, Jose Macias, and Corey Patterson (with Nomar just missing one) all hit homers, yet all stayed inside the park. And since this is the last week of the season and the Cubs are leading the wildcard race, the streets are getting more crowded with folks just looking for a reason to gather, drink beer in public, and yell at Sox fans.

In other words, lots of people on Waveland running around each time the crowd cheers, wildly trying to find the ball in the sky only to finally realize it ain't coming out. So then they act like they weren't really running for the ball, they knew all along that it wasn't coming out, yada yada yada...

Kinda reminds me of that scene from Pee-wee's Big Adventure where Pee-wee Herman is riding his bike, not looking where he's going, ends up crashing the bike, quickly gets up, brushes himself off, and then says "I meant to do that."

Now what Pee-wee should have done is ride that bike down Sheffield. Then he might have caught Adam Dunn's towering blast down the right field line in the 8th inning. Easily made it across the street on the fly. None of the regulars were over there so once again Joe Q. Passerby cleans up.

Cubs win, 12-5. Giants didn't play. Cubs up by a game.

Monday, September 27: BP-9 [W-8,S-1], Roof-4, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-0,S-1]

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