The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another cold day in paradise as Kerry Wood left after five innings with a sore shoulder, saying afterwards it was "just a twinge". Quite the chill in the air as more strong winds from the Northwest reduced BP to a mere shadow of itself.

But even with the wind blowing in, Burnitz and Perez both were able to launch homers to lead the Cubs (and Wood) to a 5-2 victory. Of course, both homers stayed in the park as the ballhawks are still waiting for the first street homer of the year. Maybe tomorrow with the Reds coming to town...

Sunday, April 24 : BP-3 [W-0,S-3], Roof-1 [A-0,C-1], Foul-0, HR-0
Season: BP-36 [W-30,S-6], Roof-4 [A-3,C-1], Foul-0, HR-0

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