The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

As batting practice time neared, the Cubs consulted the Weather Channel and seeing as how it was raining in Peoria, Quincy, and/or Carbondale, they must have decided it was too risky here in Chicago, so they left the tarp on the field. And thus a perfectly fine 25 mph SW wind was wasted. So rather than waste a couple hours of our time just sitting around, Moe, "Dick the Bruiser" and myself all decided to go home and not come back for the game. Big mistake.

Yesterday's park-clearing blast by Adam Dunn must have woke the Cubs bats up because they launched not one, two or three, but FOUR street shots - Derrek Lee, Jeremy Burnitz, Aramis Ramirez and Jason Dubois. I, of course, watched them all sail out of the park from the comfort of my couch at home.

From what I could see, the DLee blast bounced towards the Budweiser yard. My on-site correspondents tell me that Dave corralled that one and then caught the Burnitz one on the fly. Ramirez's was to deep left center and also bounced but George was in the perfect position to make a diving catch. Okay, okay, so my sources tell me he was umm... diving backwards, and as he was falling, er... I mean "diving", the ball kinda just bounced onto his chest and glove. But hey, they all count and right now, George's count is one more than mine, so that's all that matters. As for the Dubois, sounds like there was a bit of a tussle for that one, and some passer-by ended up with the ball.

Oh, and most likely none of them would have made it out of Wrigley next year, based on what we've been hearing about the bleacher expansion. But that's a rant for another day, maybe when the Cubs are on the road.

Tuesday, April 26 : No BP, Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-4 [W-3,S-1]
Season: BP-50 [W-37,S-13], Roof-4 [A-3,C-1], Foul-0, HR-5 [W-3,S-2]

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