The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ever notice how long-time announcers all seem to develop their own 'signature' calls. Jack Brickhouse with "Hey! Hey!", Mel Allen with "How about that!", Milo Hamilton with "Holy Toledo!" and of course, Harry Caray's "Holy Cow!"

Well, Ron Santo is well on his way to joining that fraternity with his own call - "Boy, oh boy, oh boy..." Too bad we're hearing it way too often these days. Poor guy really takes all these Cubs losses and mistakes way too hard. You can just picture him sitting up there in the booth, shaking his head, taking a deep breath and letting it out with a deep sigh, and then those mournful words... "Boy, oh boy, oh boy".

If you haven't guessed by now, there were a lot of Boy, oh boy, oh boy's on the air in the 9th inning today as the Pirates came from behind to win 4-3. Yes, LaTroy Hawkins had something to do with it, giving up a game-tying, opposite field homer to Jason Bay.

Needless to say, winds blowing in at a steady 20-25 mph from the North, kept everything inside the park, including roof balls. Snow flurries at the start of the game made for an interesting dynamic. Hmm... wonder what a dome on Wrigley would look like...

Saturday, April 23: No BP - the cage was frozen, Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-0
Season: BP-33 [W-30,S-3], Roof-3 [A-3,C-0], Foul-0, HR-0

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