The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Well, despite the 40 degree weather and the 20 mph Northeast winds, it was a beautiful day for baseball, so the Cubs did indeed play two. And as usually is the case with doubleheaders, they won one and lost one. Kerry Wood was a little rough in the first game and paid for it - Mark Prior was clearly in control in the second game and was rewarded for it.

My sources tell me only one ball came out in BP - actually, given the strength of the winds blowing in, I'm surprised that even one came out. And in watching the highlights this evening, looks like there were several home runs - which again, given the wind direction, was rather surprising. None of them came out, but a few were fairly close.

Cubs head out for a seven game road trip so probably won't be too much to report on over the next few days. Guess I should probably think about doing my taxes...

Wednesday, April 13: BP-1 [W-1,S-0], Roof-3 [A-3,C-0], Foul-0, HR-0
Season: BP-33 [W-30,S-3], Roof-3 [A-3,C-0], Foul-0, HR-0

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