The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Anyone who listens to the news on radio/TV is familiar with their regular segments - "weather on the ones", "scores on the fours", "traffic and weather on the eights", etc. Well, I have one more to add to that list - "long drives on the forty-fives".

Today's game started at 1:20 pm, and at 1:45 pm, Colorado's JD Closser cracked a 2-run homer in the top of the second that landed out on Sheffield.

Top of the fifth, Preston Wilson whacked one onto Waveland for his third homer in three days. A quick glance at the center field scoreboard clock told me it was 2:45 pm.

Finally, in the bottom of the 7th, Todd Walker hit a solo shot to Sheffield. The time? [cue the Twilight Zone theme music...] 3:45 pm.

Weird, wild, wacky stuff...

Saturday, May 28 : BP-16 [W-16,S-0], Roof-2 [A-2,C-0], Foul-0, HR-3 [W-1,S-2]
Season: BP-222 [W-169,S-53], Roof-15 [A-12,C-3], Foul-0, HR-17 [W-10,S-7]

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