The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Close but no cigar - four times! Cubs hit four dingers tonight and if the wind had been blowing a little bit harder or if Corey (twice), Jason and Jeremy had eaten their Wheaties; me and Moe would have had two homers apiece. Instead, all we could do is watch as the balls landed in the bleachers, causing much beer to be spilled amidst the mad scramble. Except for the Dubois homer - that one landed in the Family Section.

Family Section. That still cracks me up - I can just imagine the meeting years ago when the suits came up with that idea...

"Hey - here's a thought. Let's create a special seating area where no alcohol can be consumed."
"Sure, and with no alcohol, it will be a much more pleasant experience to bring your kids to watch a game."
"Yeah, bring the kids. Hey - we could call it the Family Section. A nice, wholesome, clean-cut way to enjoy fun at the old ballpark."
"Perfect! And we can put it right next to... the Bleachers!!!"

Crack me up...

Tuesday, May 10 : BP-14 [W-9,S-5], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-0
Season: BP-134 [W-98,S-36], Roof-5 [A-4,C-1], Foul-0, HR-6 [W-4,S-2]

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