The 2005 Waveland Chronicles

Friday, May 27, 2005

The good... Cubs win 10-3, Corey launches a monster blast that clears Sheffield, goes through the tree on the fly and lands on the edge of the yard of the old Torco sign building (now I guess it's the Miller Lite Beer sign building?). Bounces up against the fence, lands in... and out... and back in my glove. Thankfully the sidewalk was fairly deserted, otherwise I would've had some 'splaining to do.

The bad... Mark Prior taking a wicked line drive off his elbow. Didn't have to actually see it to know it was bad - the crowd reaction and the game delay was evidence enough.

The I-wouldn't-have-believed-it-if-I-hadn't-seen-it-myself... Middle of the game, I'm standing in my usual spot when I hear this low rumbling noise off to my left and a little behind me. After next pitch, I turn around and I see someone sitting on the fire hydrant, asleep and s-n-o-r-i-n-g! Now I know there are some folks that can fall asleep at the drop of a dime, but to be asleep, snoring away, and keep your balance while sitting on a not-so-ergonomically-designed fire hydrant? Very impressive...

Friday, May 27 : BP-19 [W-16,S-3], Roof-0, Foul-0, HR-1 [W-0,S-1]
Season: BP-201 [W-148,S-53], Roof-13 [A-10,C-3], Foul-0, HR-12 [W-7,S-5]

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